Vidigami, School Photo Management System



“The advantage we found with Kairos is in the way they expose their technology, which allowed us to apply additional intelligence for maximizing recognition results.”

- Mandy Chan, Founder & CEO


Vidigami revolutionizes photo management with Kairos

Vidigami, a photo management tool designed exclusively for academicians, uses Kairos Face Recognition to analyze millions of photos contributed by schools. This allows the school’s faculty to manage student photos and makes processes, like sourcing photos for the yearbook and personalizing marketing materials, easier. It also gives parents the accessibility to view their child’s student memories.


Search, Tag & Match


Digital Asset Management


More than 20MM face images processed each month


Give your customers the solution they deserve

Vidigami’s product offering is based on their ability to tag and sort photos to be stored for customer retrieval.

Manual tagging is time-consuming and not truly scalable, so they needed face recognition capable of commercial application to handle the volume of photos to be processed.


Get the benefits of speed and automation at scale

Vidigami selected Kairos’ Face Recognition API to handle the high volume of photos contributed to their platform. Now, students are automatically recognized and tagged saving time and creating a scalable process.

Our API also allows Vidigami to process as many faces as necessary, giving their customers a simplified user experience when contributing photos or searching for them.


Photo of woman taking a picture of high-school students


Radically improve the discoverability of your digital assets

Vidigami is currently processing over 20 million images of faces each month. The volume Kairos’ face detection equips Vidigami to handle allows them to offer their customers the ability to search for users, photos, and the tags associated with any group, album or photo, with ease.


“We would be delighted to see [Kairos] continue important developments that keep them in the forefront of applied human analytics for commercial applications.”

- Mandy Chan, Founder & CEO


Vidigami: Entrusting Kairos with the memories of future generations

Vidigami provides schools the best place for storing and sharing school memories. Designed exclusively for schools, Vidigami provides a private and secure photo management platform for easily capturing, organizing and sharing photos with all members of their community.


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