Developing with Kairos

API Error Codes

HTTP Error Text Description
200 1000 invalid characters found in parameters Check that you do not have any special characters in your subject IDs and gallery names
200 1001 invalid content type header was sent We did not find an HTTP header set to "content-type" - "application/json"
200 1002 required parameter missing Check to make sure you are passing all the required parameters for your API call
200 1003 an invalid parameter was sent We found an invalid parameter in your request. Check to make sure you are passing all the correct parameters for your API call.
200 1004 remote url or file name is too long The filename or URL was too long, please submit a shorter URL or filename.
429 3000 you've exceeded the number of request you can send You have exceeded the number of API requests for the rate plan you are subscribed to. Check out our other plans at
502 3001 API temporarily unavailable There has been a temporary issue with the API and we are unable to process your request. Please try your request again later.
404 3002 an invalid endpoint was used Check the request URL to make sure it is one of the valid URLs we accept.
403 3003 invalid authentication parameters The app_id or app_key were not valid.
200 5000 an invalid image was sent must be jpg or png format We only accept images in JPG and PNG format currently.
200 5001 an invalid image URL was sent We had an issue retrieving your image from the URL that was specified
200 5002 no faces found in the image We weren't able to find any face in the image that was sent.
200 5003 subject ID was not found The subject ID you specified was not found in the gallery
200 5004 gallery name not found The gallery name you specified was not found in our system
200 5005 face that was detected is corrupt and cannot be processed Sometimes we detect what looks like a face in an image, but upon further inspection we discover it isn't a real face.
200 5010 too many faces in image When processing a verify request an image with multiple faces was sent.
200 5011 enterprise only feature A request was made that is only available when on a paid Enterprise level plan.
200 5012 no match found A candidate match was not found in the gallery
  • 1000s - Request structure & syntax (authentication, headers, invalid params, etc)
  • 5000s - Face-related (face not found, etc)
  • 3000s - API level (service down, rate-limiting, etc)