Facial recognition automates, simplifies and speeds up customer onboarding, improves customer experience, and supports the Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

Helping Customers Solve Big Problems

  • Reduce Fraud by confirming your customer is who they say they are

  • Speed up customer onboarding times and reduce signup churn

  • Scale with the demand of your growing customer base

  • Reduce operational costs by removing reliance on manual verification teams

  • Satisfy KYC compliance without slowing down sign ups

  • Create trust by removing scammers from your platform.

Use Cases

  • Banking & Finance

  • P2P Marketplaces

  • Online Gambling & Gaming

  • Shared Economy

How Kairos Verify Works

All you need is an ID, a selfie and a device to verify your identity. 

  • ID Check - Scan your identification document to verify if it is real.

  • Take a Selfie - Take a selfie for biometric analysis.

  • Anti-Spoof Detection - our engine detects if the person in the selfie is live or a spoof

  • Facial Comparison - the photo on the ID and the selfie are compared

  • Information Extraction - details on the identity documents are extracted


    One simple dashboard to manage your verifications

    Our SDK and dashboard give you all the tools to verify and onboard new users with speed, and confidence with no security trade-offs.. 


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