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Truly understand and engage your customers throughout their in-store experience

Kairos CX uses face recognition to identify your customers as soon as they enter your store. Stores can serve targeted promotions, improve customer and checkout experience, and confidently understand your customers with gender, age, ethnicity, and emotion recognition.



  • Personalize in-store experiences

  • Increase payment transaction security

  • Understand the demographic mix throughout the day/week

  • Understand customer emotional responses

  • Increase ROI of marketing promotionsystem.

Use Cases

  • VIP / Loyalty program recognition

  • Demographic recognition

  • Personalization

  • Secure Transactions

How Kairos Verify Works

Enroll your VIP and Loyalty customers once, recognise them automatically when they return. 

  1. Customers sign up to a loyalty or VIP program through a kiosk or app

  2. Take a Selfie as part of your loyalty program onboarding process

  3. Every time they enter your premises your staff will be alerted

  4. Their face is their new loyalty card


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