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Kairos, a leader in facial recognition technology, is pleased to announce the acquisition of EmotionReader, an Ireland-based startup that uses algorithms to analyze facial expressions around video content.


Co-founded by Dr. Stephen Moore and Dr. Padraig O’Leary in 2017. EmotionReader was backed by Enterprise Ireland, one of Europe’s largest VC funds. Dr. Moore, working from his Singapore base, had built an impressive R&D team in the South-East Asian country.

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Melissa Doval, Kairos CFO


As Kairos grows our base of customers, employees, and investors— it’s necessary that we have a strong leader for our finance team. I’ve known Melissa Doval and followed her work for years, and have been interested in onboarding her for just as long. Yet, her availability and our need never quite lined up— until now.


Melissa has led teams that bubbled from 50 to 500 employees in 24 months. Her kind of expertise is rare, and exactly what we need at this stage. I am also proud to add another rock star woman to our leadership team. With amazing women in senior roles (COO & General Counsel, and CFO & SVP), Kairos is leading by example.

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Mary Wolff, Kairos COO


As a company scales, it’s really important to bring on world class talent. And Mary Wolff is just that. Mary has a diverse and unique set of skills and professional experiences, including artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship, and law.


Mary represented Kairos as outside counsel, and we are thrilled to have brought her in-house as our COO and General Counsel.

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Karios retires diversity recognition app


Beginning somewhere around the release of the Apple iPhone X, mainstream media attention to Face Recognition has gone from nearly none whatsoever— to the press equivalent of a flood light being shined directly on the industry. With this new attention, concerns have been raised around privacy and safety— and we’ve been listening.


Last summer, our Diversity & Ethnicity Recognition App was released-- and over 10 million people uploaded their selfies, curious to see how the algorithms would classify their ethnicities.

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Picture of actor Alec Baldwin from the 1992 movie Glengarry Glen Ross


As Kairos' VP of Sales, I get asked all the time about the challenges of being a sales leader at a hot tech-startup. So here's some things I've learned about growing a team, getting customers, and selling face recognition software. TL;DR: It takes hard work and there's no secret formula. Now go win those steak knives!


A common misconception, and mistake, amongst early innovators was the idea that the more advanced the technology product, the more you can charge for it. As a consequence of this line of thought, tech innovation in the 90’s was so expensive that entire companies went bankrupt. In attempting to hit the moving target of customer demand before their time-- they effectively paved the road of entry for their replacements.

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