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As Kairos’ Director of Product Integration, I’m on the front lines when it comes to customer inquiries. From pet detection to weight detection, I’ve heard it all. While some ideas are more far-fetched than others, the common trends cannot be ignored—and these represent innovations that are happening NOW.


One that caught my eye recently is 'facial recognition enabled kiosks'—I’ve been getting allsorts of inquiries about this, and I've learned a bunch from helping software developers successfully integrate our technology into their kiosk products. Yes, sometimes that means keeping their imagination grounded too, unfortunately computer vision cannot guess someone’s favorite snack from a selfie (yet ?).

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From getting the latest TechCrunch headlines on your phone, to booking a Lyft to your office—APIs are powering most of the products and services we all take for granted each day. They make the world move.


Now, if you’re a software developer this probably won’t be news to you. In fact, maybe you’re working for a company (or founding one) whose products contribute to the digital economy of today.

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Pattern of Heart Eyes and Monocle Emojis

Online dating is big business, but it also has some big problems with identity verification practices—made even more real by this month’s concerning reports about child abuse and exploitation happening on some of the world’s biggest dating platforms.


Governments are getting involved, poised to crack down and introduce legislation for customer onboarding and security standards—primarily, age checks.

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As ID verification, face recognition, and AI become a part of everyday consumerism, we’re taking a look at how this once ‘sci-fi only’ tech is transforming major markets, globally— Kicking things off with face recognition’s impact on the Gambling industry (yup, that means: casinos, sports betting, bookmaking and beyond!).


In an industry where large amounts of money are exchanged between gamblers and the ‘house’, security and safety have been the cornerstones of the gambling experience for decades.

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