Verifying Online Students is Difficult

More and more higher education institutions offer online classes every day. While online learning democratizes education and brings convenience, it comes with its own challenges. One of the biggest shortcomings of online learning is identity verification.


Academic Integrity vs. Accessibility

Online learning means students can take classes anywhere regardless of their location. Yet, identity verification poses a tradeoff between academic integrity and accessibility. Unlike college classes, online classes can sometimes get as large as thousands of students. In classes this size, the instructors and students often cannot interact. Even with accounts attached to individuals, a layer of anonymity remains. Moreover, analog techniques used for keeping students accountable don't work online. For example, instructors can't recognize faces or memorize seating charts to track attendance. As a result, when it is time for exams, it is difficult to verify if the person taking a test is the one who took the class. The next best solution then becomes requiring in person final exams for course credit. Unfortunately when location becomes a factor, it takes away from accessibility.


No More Tradeoffs

While no technology can eradicate cheating, Kairos could bring your institution a step closer. Kairos can power passive proctoring systems used for creating secure online test rooms. For example, it can compare a student's image to their ID at random intervals throughout a test. If it detects mismatches or more than one person at any point, it can alert the system or end the test. With Kairos, institutions can verify students without jeopardizing academic integrity. Students can earn credit for their work regardless of their location. This is only one instance how education technology could benefit from Kairos. The possibilities are endless.

  Verify students in seconds

  Scale up your online class

  Reduce cheating in online tests

  Increase accessibility

  Eliminate the cost of proctoring tests

  Make your institution smarter

Kairos has established itself as a leading AI engine provider in the facial recognition space

- Tyler Schulze, VP Strategy & Development, Veritone


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