What does the customer want?

This is the question behind every media study, focus group and user interview. Brands and Agencies spend millions of dollars in research every year for the answer. Yet more data doesn't always bring better insights. When an organization wants to test an idea, they have to organize a focus group and sift through hours of footage, both of which come at great cost. Asking people what they want is simple. The logistics of organizing it in a corporate structure is not. At Kairos, we believe technical limitations should never be an excuse for deferring ideas.


Gather real time data, draw smarter insights

In focus groups, the discrepancy between how a person feels and how they say they feel is hard to determine. Kairos solves this problem by sensing and analyzing facial expressions every 250 milliseconds. Our emotion analysis algorithms gather this data in real time and save hours of reviewing and data crunching. Real time data gathering also enables tighter feedback loops. Our customers are able to test different iterations of an idea or ask follow up questions on the spot.


What happens to all the data?

Kairos stores everything securely in the cloud, so it is accessible to your team anytime, anywhere. Got an in-house analytics team? Download all your data in friendly formats. You don't need to carry around hard drives or burn DVD copies of recordings. We make the logistics easy so you can focus on your research.

Cats vs Dogs
Demo Case Study

Thumbnail of a case study that compares cats to dogs


“For understanding high-involvement purchase habits as well as viral behavior, there's no question that emotions are key.”

— Jeff Lee, Consumer Behavior & Emotions Specialist, MIT Sloan