Emotional intelligence with
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Accurate, fast, and scalable emotion analysis on demand

Emotion Analysis Features

Line drawing of an eye symbolising Kairos attention measurement

Attention Measurement

Measures total attention time, number of glances, blink detection, and attention span.

Line drawing of a smile face symbolising Kairos emotion detection

Emotion Detection

Understand positive, negative and neutral sentiments.

Line drawing of a smiling face and a frowning face symbolising Kairos emotion detection

Facial Expression Detection

Detects facial expressions including smiles, frowns, anger, and surprise.

Line drawing of a male and female icons symbolising Kairos gender detection

Gender Detection

Detects gender and assign a probability score to each detected face.

Line drawing of people symbolising Kairos age detection

Age Detection

Detects approximate age and groups faces as very young, young, adult, or senior.

Understand How People Feel & Respond to Them More Affectively


Media Testing

Use emotion analysis to test the potential, or actual, success of new programming.


Usability Testing

Observe, learn and respond affectively to your customers. Become data informed.


Put the power of human emotion into your medical research capabilites.


Focus Groups

Capture and measure responses to stimuli in your research sessions.


Learn & Get Inspired

Emoticons depicting the expressions of six universal emotions

The Universally Recognized Facial Expressions of Emotion

Understanding facial expressions is harder than it looks.



Emotion Analysis in the Real World

Learn about real use cases for emotion analysis from market research to outdoor advertising.

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What is Emotion Analysis?

What can emotion analysis measure how can you use it to make your business smarter.

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Sell Innovation within Your Organization

How do you convince risk-averse managers and coworkers to try new ideas?

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