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Have you ever looked at a friend, a significant other, or even your mother, and knew exactly what they were thinking without them ever having even uttered a single word?

People’s facial expressions are incredibly telling. They provide instant indications about whether someone is excited, angry, surprised, or even scared. A picture is worth a thousand words -- one of life’s greatest cliches. Think about this concept, though. A photo, or in this case a face, tells us more than we could ever imagine. Since emotions are universal across people, we can rely on this data to provide us with honest reactions.

Now apply these principles to marketing. What if we could instantly gain insight into a person’s receptivity toward a product or an idea, or even a TV commercial? What could you accomplish if you were armed with that kind of information?

Well for one thing, you could save a lot of money. You could also save a lot of time. These are two things that marketers never seem to have enough of. Emotion Analysis is one answer to these constant challenges faced by companies everyday.

Kairos, a face analysis platform, has figured out how to humanize machine learning. In an era where privacy is paramount and ROI is everything, Kairos set out to change the way we interact with data. Turning experiences into action, means a better, more thoughtful way to communicate with customers, ultimately delivering exactly what they want. Enter the universal marketing equation: Happy Customers = More Revenue.

Watching customers solve real life problems drives Kairos to keep innovating. The company’s newest product, Project Look, which provides real time (every quarter-of-a-second) emotion analysis and measurement of video content, gives marketers an out of the box solution to validate their ideas before they invest large sums in resources, production and media placement.

Project Look is just one example of how Emotion Analysis is changing the way we evaluate advertising effectiveness. It’s a new era, and this is just the beginning.

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