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Project Look is a market research tool that uses best-in-class emotion detection algorithms to measure people's reactions to video content. Within minutes you can be testing your videos with your audience and get real-time, actionable insights. All in the cloud. No coding required.

Why we created Project Look

Imagining how to use a technology like face analysis is often the easy part. Applying it in the real world - that’s a whole different ball game.

Kairos brings emotion analysis to your Qualtrics surveys

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Benefit from emotion analysis in your Qualtrics surveys

Yet, this is what motivates us over at Kairos HQ. We love seeing our customers solve real business problems by using the tools we have designed. But when we spoke to early customers, we realized these tools weren’t the only part of their journey.

This got us thinking.

Kairos' acquisition of IMRSV in early 2015 added emotion detection to our platform. Market Researchers and Advertisers were already using this technology to measure emotional reactions to their video content.

With these two things in mind, we asked ourselves:

“How can we show the value of emotion analysis to new markets, and re-introduce it to an existing one?”

On the one hand a powerful demo; on the other a standalone product.

So, we decided to build a new product with our own technology. We believe it is the only way to truly understand how to integrate with our platform. We put ourselves in our customer’s shoes. We started ‘eating our own dog food’.

And the answer was Project Look.

Who is Project Look for?

The product we’ve launched with continues to have the Market Researcher and Advertiser in mind. We know running audience testing at scale can be both expensive, and timely. Recruiting and managing a database of panelists. The countless spreadsheets full of disparate data. The struggle to find meaning in things. The endless cups of coffee.

So, perhaps you are testing a new movie trailer or you want to know how an audience really feels about your brand’s latest commercial.

Image of a young woman at a laptop using Project Look's dashboardProject Look's easy-to-use dashboard lets you quickly compare your survey results.

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Whatever your outcome, we have made it easy for people to watch your videos, and gather their emotional reactions. All without leaving your desk.

Project Look blurs the lines between traditional quantitative and qualitative methodologies. You can maintain the importance of observing people in a natural setting while removing researcher bias. Now you can build insights from real-world settings, not just old-fashioned forms and buttons.

And we think you'll really love it.

Okay, but how does Project Look work?

Project Look works by measuring facial expressions every quarter-of-a-second and segmenting this into 'Negative', 'Neutral' and 'Positive' values over time. Using these values we are then able to determine a net 'Emotion Score'. We compile this into a simple dashboard, giving high-priority to the information that matters. Think of it like a weather report.

The dashboard gives you an instant clue to how your audience is feeling about a particular video. For advanced users, we let you explore, filter, compare or export your data; it’s yours to control.

You’ll also be relieved to know - and to help put your audience at ease - we never collect or store any personally identifiable data. Our software gathers purely numerical data, none of which is personally identifiable information. No images or videos are ever saved. (You can read more about Anonymous Video Analytics on our blog)

This sounds awesome, when can I try it?!

Getting started with Project look is easy. All you need to do is add your videos (we support both YouTube and Vimeo URLs) to a survey and send it to your group of testers. You can use your own panel or we can help build one for you based on your preferences. We have access to tens-of-thousands of people all over the globe.

Learn more, see how it works, and request a demo.

One Last Thing

Kairos is an IBM Watson partner and we’re excited to offer you all of Watson’s Language, Vision, Speech and Data capabilities right inside Kairos products.


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