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We recently upgraded from PHP to Go for our Face Recognition API architecture. In this article we share why we made the move, how it’s radically improved performance, and some lessons learned along the way.


As we strive to be the premier Face Recognition partner to businesses across the world, we constantly improve our platform to upgrade our products and enhance customer experience. And while undertaking a big rewrite such as this was not a small decision, ultimately, it was an easy one to make. Thankfully the impact has been tangible and real, in some cases even greater than we envisioned.

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Black and white illustration of the word 'bias', with happy and sad faces


Recently there has been a lot of concern, and press, around research indicating ethnic bias in Face Recognition. This resonates with me very personally as a minority founder in the face recognition space.


So deeply in fact, that I actually wrote about my thoughts in an October 2016 article titled “Kairos’ Commitment to Your Privacy and Facial Recognition Regulations” wherein I acknowledged the impact of the problem, and expressed Kairos’ position on the importance of rectification.

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Image of the words 'Best of Kairos Blog 2017'


With over 30 original articles published to our blogs this year, not to mention the launch of our sister journal over on Medium -- it’s been a busy 2017 in content at


Typically around this time we like to reflect, (fix some rogue typos), and share our picks from the last 12 months...

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Picture of an icon of a human eye in motion


This is a new series about cameras and their relationship to face recognition, machine learning, and how, in the future, the ways in which we interact with technology will be radically different.


Follow the Kairos team as we explore the impact of cameras on technology and the ways your business can benefit from it.

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When we started Kairos in 2012, the perception of face recognition was firmly in the realms of science fiction and marred by Orwellian stereotypes. We’ll admit, at times, even we questioned our own mission. We quietly thought: “Is face recognition really going to take-off?”


Fast forward to today — face recognition has now legitimately broken into the mainstream. Buoyed by some of the biggest brands in the world rolling out their own offerings, it’s an exciting time for the market. Those early fears are now evaporating as the benefits become more and more tangible.

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