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At Kairos, it’s our mission to make face recognition easy, accessible, and relatable for any business, anywhere. With customers in over 70 countries, we’re humbled to have grown Kairos into a global company.


Creating a free account has never been simpler, yet when it comes to upgrading to one of our paid plans - for some, traditional payment networks can become a major pain point.

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Picture of a computer circuit, with an icon of a human eye

Image credit: ‘Circuit’ [modified] — By Amelia Wattenberger


This is a new series about cameras and their relationship to face recognition, machine learning, and how, in the future, the ways in which we interact with technology will be radically different.


Follow the Kairos team as we explore the impact of cameras on technology and the ways your business can benefit from it.

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Picture of a smiling woman, looking to camera, overlayed with information about her indentity


Learn how Face Recognition and Human Analytics are transforming digital asset management.


Digital Asset Management (DAM) is quickly becoming a must have as the way to manage a company’s arsenal of digital content. When DAM systems are maintaining, categorizing, and applying assets automatically and correctly, the amount of time and money saved is tangible — and businesses are totally on board — positioning the DAM industry to grow from 2.44 billion in 2017 to 5.66 billion in 2022. [1]

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Himel Mondal and Abbass Ayoub with their 'Alexs, Who's At The Door' invention


At Kairos, one of our goals is to connect people to one another through our technology. To do this we need to know how developers use our products. What are your challenges and where are you finding success? Not only does this information help us create a better product and experience for you, it helps us all learn and unite as a community.


Every now and then Kairos will be featuring an interview with our users allowing them to share their journey, knowledge, and advice with our API and SDKs.

This time we're looking at Himel Mondal (pictured above, far left), an engineering student from Canada. Himel caught our eye when he posted his coding project to Hackster. He mashed up a Raspberry Pi, Amazon Alexa, and Kairos Face Recognition. The results were, in a word, amazing -- checkout a video demo at the end of this article.

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Animation of a computer password with a human face inplace of text


Face recognition is becoming increasingly important as the world becomes more interconnected, and our identities further digitize themselves away from passwords and PIN numbers. The latest advancements in technology have paved the way to answer one of its challenging problems: security.


Today, biometric sensors are not just available in dedicated security devices, but also in smartphones to secure the owner from data breaches. Most premium mobile devices on the market are now leveraging other biometric technologies, too.

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